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a little cross. a point. one of thousands. like people. or graves? graves of artworks. of meaning. of meaningful ones. what does it mean to have a meaning? is your work meaningful? what is the meaning of an artwork?

monotony patience aim. if one does not think, then s/he can't discover the illusions in which s/he believes. the fear of the collapse of our illusions which give meaning to our lives force us to work. to do something. create something. no matter what. to fill the emptiness created by non-thinking.

i want to be happy. don't want to think. want to remove the pollution in my brain left behind by the reactions to my sensory perception.

emptiness does not exist. no resistance. not to be the recipient, but the media. the thought must be born from emptiness. from what is left in the emptiness.

structure. nonexistent. structure is a human-made network of coordinates simplifying orientation as long as we share it.

words are always only confusing.

what is defined is not natural.

void will bear form.

every point has its own past. every point represents a unique moment in time, a unique state of mind. an instant of the process of contemplation and perception. the creation of each next point influences, directs this stream of consciousness. thoughts are directed towards this point in a spiral or are on the contrary retreating from it, being influenced by external factors which include all thinking processes outside of the target concentration-perception area. the percept and the thought become one and around them an entirely white space unfolds, a space that bears the individually unique ephemeral truth.