A short glimpse, captured from a moving airplane. A communal movement uniting the observer with others gazing at the same scenery from slightly different viewing angles. Out of the uncountable moments to be forgotten, this one was captured and condensed into a dream-like memory fragment. The movement is perceivable and so is the depicted scenery, but details remain blurred.

The object in the center of attention is a small white cloud, an ephemeral non-object, very different from the landscapes made of concrete, metal and glass investigated in the previous iterations of the series. The shapeshifting nature of a cloud puts it in the role of a projection surface for our imagination, manifested in the playful interpretation of cloud shapes, which appear, in a mimetic sense, as something else to each observer. It could mean anything – an empty sign.

Images are overlaid both within and between each frame of the video loop. The eternal seamless movement is a continuous entertainment for the eye that, however, refuses to be penetrated beyond its surface. Within an exhibition setting, the full set of 25 different video frame prints is presented in proximity to the video itself. The juxtaposition of two media, both presenting the same information, allows for two different reading modes and entry points into the work to emerge. Reading paper in the form of individual sheets presented next to each other is a very different mode of engagement than reading a moving image exploiting the limitation of our vision to present an imaginary movement.

Our eyes hold onto the moving image, falling for the illusion of time where there is close to none. They slide over the surface of the paper, reading the frames one by one – almost the same but not completely – falling for the illusion of equivalence, which is not there either.

Different but same. Same but different.