From Here To Eternity No.3


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opening: 8.10. 16:00
artist talk: 8.10. 17:30
workshop: 18.10. 18:00

mit/ with: Eva Kietzmann/ Petra Kuebert, Gemini Kim, Hanae Utamura, Josef Bares, WURI

Co-organised by oMo artspace, 10AAA, Research Institute for City & Humanity
Curated by Song Yovi(10AAA)
Project Curator Hye Young Gwak
Research Curator Eunsoo Kim
Supported by Art Council Korea, SpaceBA, Shillavan

In October, oMo Art Space presents the group show(curated by10AAA) with artists who subject the objects that are easy to fade away. The artists have reformed and even recreated their previous works and, through that process, they also have expressed the efforts to find the way to preserve them. The dilemma in artwork, temporality, mortality, and eternity, is to be reperceived through artists' "Art Resurrection".

The exhibition itself defies "Temporality". It wouldn't be one-time event nor same contents in different places rather continuous to live as "Absence of Artists" and "In Another Space". The living of the exhibition would be the experiment and the journey to find the answer if a work of art could be expressed properly in the absence of the creator.