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17th January 2006 : Art is 1,000,043 years old!

“Art was born 1,000,000 years ago!” - This is what Robert Filiou, a French Fluxus artist declared on the 17th January 1963. 10 years later, Filliou celebrated Art’s 1,000,010th birthday at the Neue Galerie in Aachen (Germany). After his death, some artists started to celebrate Art’s birthday, organizing events in galleries and musical performances. The concept followed Filliou’s ideas of “The Eternal Network” or “La Fete permanente” (The Eternal Celebration). Artists were asked to bring presents to art that could be shared over the network.

The European Broadcast Union (EBU) joined this occasion and participated in the event by organizing special live broadcasts. Radio stations which are part of the network organize local events which are then broadcasted live, creating a network of interconnected events. With the advancement of the internet, live www streaming was added, and so this year the celebrations of Art’s birthday could be accessed by joining the party in the gallery, by listening to the radio, or by listening to the on-line web cast. Radio stations from all over Europe, Canada and Japan participated in this event.

In recent years, the birthday party was often related to a specific topic that was linked to Filliou’s ideas. This year the topic TransDADAexpress was taking up ideas of the Dadaist movement that originated in Europe in the 1920’s. Dadaists were pioneers of many artistic techniques. Their work went across borders between fine art, music and theatre. There was also a very international aspect to the Dada movement, which brought together artists from different countries relocated through WW1.

The third program of the Czech national radio took part in this world-wide event and organized a show in Prague. C8400 was one of the artists participating. The event consisted of concerts and performances which were taking place on two alternating stages. The location of the event was in the very center of Prague, in the experimental space and gallery No.D.

Artists taking part in the event:
Jiri Adamek, Anna Synkova and Lucie Vackarova,
Cecilie Boiffin,
Pavel Fajt
Michal Marianek and Tomas Hruza,
Skupina C,
Sylva Smejkalova and Monika Streitova,
Pavel Sterec.

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