CRo slice'n'dice (c8400 vs machine funck live)


c8400 vs machine funck: CRo slice'n'dice live (abp 2007)

The number of constantly broadcasting radio stations can be a representation of a development leading to a multiplicity of voices and opinions in society. At the same time it causes us distress because of the increasing number of options from which we have to choose. Technological progress frees us from hardware limits of data transfer rates, but it does not solve the dilemmas of the information recipient. At this stage the role of selection, reduction, transformation and reinterpretation of the unceasing data flow increases.

The CRo slice’n’dice project is based on this methods, which become the basic working methods in both culture production and, in a broader perspective, of any human intellectual work.

The Czech Radio (CRo) channels (broadcast on air and streamed on-line) will be cut up, transformed and rearranged in real time. There will two components involved in this process: C8400 as a cultural DJ and sound de-constructor will be surfing between available channels, mixing audio streams in real time and charging them with the electrical energy of machine noise. Machine Funck will use selected sound streams to recreate new constantly changing body of sound depending on the radio broadcast as well as the space where the performance takes place. Here the CRo broadcast will be interpreted and transformed into its final form of a sound and music collage evolving in time.

The audience will be presented with a compressed version of the virtual temporal space created by the CRo broadcast in the form of a stream of interdependent sound events and rhythms.