sunset inside

sunset inside

Sunset Inside

What's going on around us? Do we understand the complexity of the world? Are we aware of this complexity? What is a facade, a cover, a shell? What is a structure? Structure of relations. Dependencies. Processes.

Man is a mirror of his environment. But does he perceive his inside? To what extent is he able to read the impressions stored in his unconscious interior?

Compared to humans, the sun is eternal. The rays of eternity touch us every day. The rays of eternity reflect of every terrestrial object. The rays of eternity penetrate through every window. They are altered by the glass and filtered by the structure of the curtains. Inside of the room extremely ephemeral images arise from the eternal light. Especially in the evening or in the morning we can watch eternity as the source of constant change. If man can ever experience the feeling of eternity than it happens in an extremely brief fragment of time. He feels how eternity slides over his skin and flows between his fingers. Inside.