memory traces

text / concept

The works are a „time lapse” documentary created during lectures, which later served as their respective names. Each print consists of drawings which were created gradually in my notebook. School lectures are sources of information which gradually merge into one body of knowledge. The drawings were created in a similar way. Reception of information happens partially with and partially without our conscious effort. The whole process was finalized when I scanned the drawings at the end of the term and rearranged them into one big composition, separately for each subject.

One of my aims was to metaphorically depict the process of gradual gaining of knowledge. At the same time it was also an experiment where I tried to prove or refute the connection between the topic of the lecture and the visual appearance of the drawings. I leave the conclusion of this experiment up to the viewer.

I approached the composition of parts into the final whole in a similar way as when creating the drawing, i.e. half-consciously. Again, I wanted to simulate the process of thinking, where the information stored in our memory connects in ways which are mysterious to me. Pieces of stored information regroup into new units which subsequently re-emerge in our consciousness.