situation 19


Conference calls are a daily routine of communicating in any large corporation that spreads across countries and time zones. Situation 19 I took the form of a typical conference call, as performed by millions of corporate employees day by day.

I transposed the form into a new context, setting up a conference call between myself in a remote location and gallery visitors. Participants of the event found a printed out invitation on site, which instructed them to dial into the teleconference with their mobile phone.

The conference call was loosely structured, starting of by noting down attendance and continuing by a discussion between me and participants of the call. The topic was centered around employment and value creation in contemporary fine art. I put forward some ideas, and asked for suggestions and comments. During the discussion, minutes were duly taken.

Once the scheduled time was over, I concluded by reading a quote from the film Argument (1978) by Anthony McCall and Andrew Tyndall. The quote describes an artists who is working in an corporate management position and the contradictory relationship between his artistic aims and the given targets in his corporate job.

Minutes of the meeting have been distributed afterwards.