situation 19

meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes
Situation 19
February 21, 2012

Subject: Situation 19
Location: Conference call, 6:15pm – 7:15pm CET
Minute taker: Josef Bareš
Participants: Josef, Andrea, Jirka, Jan, Petra, Yuchi, Tomoko
Provided materials: none
Key for Result: D = Decision, I = Information, P = Proposal, S = Statement, T = Task

#1 The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the question of artistic creation and the creation of value by an artist.
I / Josef

#2 An artist reflects the world from a broader perspective and gives others an opportunity to think about everyday topics. Art should be ambiguous.
S / Andrea

#3 It is better the be a freelance and do what one likes than to be a commercial artist who sells his artwork. An artist should not be a factory producing objects.
S / Petra

#4 The division between commercial and non-commercial art is illusory, as we are dealing with a continuous range of possibilities from commercial to free activity.
P / Josef

#5 An alternative to selling artistic objects is the role of an artist as a consultant, who is appraised for his thoughts and creation of opinions, not for the final output of his activity.
P / Josef

#6 The art market is a necessity.
S / Jan

#7 In Autumn, an article was published in A2 Magazine. A couple of artists are complaining about their insufficient remuneration in the article. They request a ‘just’ remuneration of their work from the galleries.
I / Josef

#8 It is difficult to claim remuneration based on one’s own opinion, if the artists accept the system and institutions as they are. Remuneration is the agreement between two parties.
P / Josef

#9 It depends on an individual artist, what he expects from his art. When someone is starting, he is content with little and lives from the joy of being able to show his artwork. As his experience grows, he can justify a higher price of his work by a growing oeuvre and by growing experience, which is reflected in the quality of the artistic product.
S / Jirka

#10 The artist creates value by defining his own opinions about personal values in his work.
P / Jirka

#11 The position of an artist can be seen as an occupation, however it can be seen as a lifestyle approach as well. In the latter case, the purpose becomes the formation of one’s own opinion and political standpoint instead of the creation of a product.
P / Josef

#12 If someone is materially dependent on the sales of his artistic output, he cannot create a free movement anymore, which is the aim of political art.
P / Josef

#13 In principle, it is not possible to separate commercial and free art.
P / Andrea

#14 The purpose of Situation 19 is to create a movement, not a product. The value lies in the process, not in the result. Any result of the situation is equally desirable. It is part of a research project, a part of a group of works investigating the questions surrounding corporations, employment and the creation of values.
I / Josef

#15 Argument – interpretation of a quotation from a film by Anthony McCall & Andrew Tyndall (Argument, 1978)
I / Josef