movement3 (horizon)

text work (transcript)

I am moving in a South-East direction now. The pier in the far right of my field of view is gradually disappearing. I keep walking, slowly shifting more and more towards the East, away from the pier. In the distance I can see a large container ship crossing the horizon, lead, or maybe tied by a smaller ship ahead of it. I keep walking, now I am walking directly to the East. Far away in the distance I can see small black dots on the ice - people sitting on the ice and fishing. Behind them, merged with the grey line of the horizon, a dam connecting the island with the mainland is stretching out. At one point the dam turns into a bridge so that the ships can pass through. I keep walking East, but start to turn slightly towards the North. The dam at the horizon keeps its presence in my field of view and is seemingly sliding towards the right of my field of view as I start to move northwards. On the left edge of my field of view, a single building erected on a small rock or artificial island is emerging in mid-distance. It is a ruin of crumbling bricks, with empty holes in place of windows. I continue to adjust my walking direction further to the North. The building is coming closer to the center of my field of view. The scene at the horizon is starting to change now too: I can see the dam is turning into a land mass, and as my view shifts further beyond North and towards the West, the land mass - an island - is further growing. Trees start to appear on the strip of land. In the meantime, my waking direction has changed again. I am now moving in a North-West direction and I am slowly starting to adjust my direction towards the West. I can still see the previously mentioned ruin of a building, standing in the sea, but it has shifted from the left to the right side of my field of view. As my steps are turning more in a West direction, it is the land mass at the horizon which is growing in intensity as well as closeness. The dam connecting to the land has now completely disappeared from my field of view. In addition to trees, buildings and factory chimneys start to populate the silhouette at the horizon. The silhouette of the island is slowly sliding towards the right side of my field of view as I am adjusting my walking direction towards the West. Now I am walking directly towards the West. In the silhouette of the island, I can recognize a big dome of a cathedral. On the left side of the dome, which is also the left side of my field of view, the island silhouette is populated by a number of cranes, probably a shipyard. As I am moving West, I am slowly approaching the island. But instead of keeping to walk straight, I start to turn towards the South. As a result, the silhouette of the island starts to slowly slip towards the right side of my field of view. I start to see the Eastern tip of the island from which a pier is extending into the sea. In the meantime my walking direction changed and I am walking directly southwards, slowly starting to turn towards the East. Left of the pier on the Eastern side of the island, a vast empty space of the frozen sea extends across the horizon. I keep on walking, while slowly adjusting my direction further towards the East.