the hotel (sleep)

short = synopsis+specs+thanks


A hotel is a place that witnesses more people's stories than any other place. Memories are often attached to objects and spaces that surround us. A drawing diary of a 3 month long stay at the Hotel in China. A video-fragment of a body. A site-specific installation linking memories to locations in a room.

Technical Specs

“The Hotel" (2013) artwork consists of following parts:
Installation: Hotel room, digital inkjet prints, dimensions variable
Video: 5 seconds, looped, Full HD (1920 x 1080 px)
Diary: Drawing on paper, 175 x 167 mm, 216 pages, bound
Photo documentation: Digital photographs, dimensions variable


I would like to thank Nayla Hayek, Nick Hayek, Esther Grether, George Clooney, François-Henri Pinault, Mikhail Kusnirovich, Sir Francis Yeoh and Swatch Group for inviting me to the Hotel and Tsai Jia-Zhen for giving me the notebook which was used for this project.