the hotel (sleep)


In the work “The Hotel”, I am continuing my investigation of the relation of drawings to a specific environment and time. Ten years ago, some of my early works related to drawing as a process of leaving behind marks on paper to record passing of time: "Sunset inside" as the record of an evening in a room; "Constellations" as the record of traces left behind when writing a diary; "||: +++++++ :||" where drawing is a direct representation of small equally long time in units. Later, in works like "Memory Traces" I related drawings to specific discussion topics. I expanded on this theme in "Corporation" where I grouped a large series of drawings relating to a topic (an abstract entity) as well as a physical environment (an office space).

This time, the only restraint is a time period, related to a certain space. "The Hotel" follows to "Corporation" through the preoccupation with a certain physical space where invisible processes take place, but it is more subjective in its visual form - in this way it is closer to the thinking behind 'Memory Traces': It does not try to represent, but rather tries to record the movements in the mind caused by the environment.

The presentation and installation "The Hotel" represents a new approach as I am installing the drawings 'on site' of their creation in combination with a video related to an activity that took place in the same space: I present the space and the live process that occurred there as one complete work of art.