constellations #1-#16

Constellations #1-#16

Thoughts of helplessness, love and hate.

Sentences made of words, drawings made of lines.

Signs left behind by past thoughts.

Every "constellation" is a trace left behind by a note or picture put down on the previous page of the notepad; an configuration of dots which looks like an inverted picture of the night sky (Perhaps once God was dreaming and as he woke up, the universe was left behind as the remains of his dream.); a trace which is not enough to reconstruct the past state of the world, the matrix of which it is an imprint.

Traces asking to be explained but giving no clue. It's the projection of man's thoughts into the form left behind by someone else's thoughts which gives a new, unique meaning to the given perception.

The only proof of our past existence is our memory. And the only proof of our present existence is the ongoing process of contemplation in our mind. Or future springs from our past which is being kept in our minds only. Everything we sense is a dream nurtured by our past experience.

We are surrounded by traces of our past; [which are] suggesting possibilities but giving no answers.