Kronstadt Stories


North-Western Branch of National Centre for Contemporary Arts presents final exhibition of the participants of NCCA Art Residence Program in Kronstadt, 2013. Thirteen artists from eleven countries (Australia, USA, Czech Republic, South Africa, Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and Italy) will present their works created during their stay at the Kronstadt Art Residence. In their works the artists studied the unique history, architecture and modern life of Kronstadt and Saint Petersburg. The exhibition will include photographs, videos, installations, art-objects, paintings and graphics.

The NCCA Art Residence in Kronstadt provides an opportunity for both Russian and international artists to develop their projects within the frameworks of international art exchange projects. The NCCA Art Residence is located in the very center of Kronstadt in a two-storey house near the town’s main tourist site, the Naval Cathedral. In the closest proximity residents may find old shipyards, a sailing workshop, a drawbridge, docks, sluices, channels etc. The town’s unique historical and cultural landscape makes it particularly attractive for those who make public art, landscape art projects, as well as do social research. The NCCA North-Western Branch offers a residence fellowship for both national and international artists working on group or individual projects.

Starting from 2012 future residents are selected through an open international competition. Between January and December 2013 the Art Residence in Kronstadt hosted 25 artists from 17 countries – Australia, Austria, Belgium, UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, Portugal, the USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and South Africa. The main topic they explored was the town of Kronstadt with its port, local natural and historical landscape of Kronstadt and Saint-Petersburg. The artists who stayed in the residence work with all kinds of media: photography, video-art, performance, installation, social art, archives, easel painting and graphics, animation, sculpture, feature films, iconography and book illustration, public-art, landscape projects, textile design.

Thirteen projects created by the artists who stayed at the NCCA Art Residence in Kronstadt over 2013 are displayed within the Kronstadt Stories exhibition in the State Museum of the History of Saint-Petersburg in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Curator: Elena Gubanova

Amanda Andersen (USA-Germany)
Josef Bareš (Czech Republic)
Marieke Van Wuytswinkel (Belgium)
Luca Grimaldi (Italy – Germany)
Tanya Dyhin (Australia)
Maria Zaikina (Russia)
Thomas Cummins (USA)
Johan Kleinjan (Netherlands)
Elizaveta Konovalova (Russia)
Heidi Linck (Netherlands)
Anja Marais (South Africa–USA)
Carol Müller (France)
Carla Rebelo (Portugal)