Born 1989: Spaceship Fatality


A4 poster

The sky, the heaven: It is a place of hope, a symbol of peace and eternity. A place where all our hopes reside. Yet the promises given by heaven and the hopes projected into it are yet to come. Here, on Earth, people and their hopes co-exist next to each other. They are mutually connected, but they never become one. The becoming-one is a promise of the future world and it is something which cannot be pictured. What we are left to do is to exist in between - in between of the physical limits and spiritual wastness - balancing on the edge of two worlds.

I juxtaposed images from Christian magazines in order to capture this state of hope and future promise. As I worked with the contemporary imaginery of Christian magazines, I wanted to return the resulting work into the original context. For this reason I opted for displaying the artwork on the announcement-boards of the parish.