god loves you


god loves you
[installation-action in public space, Nov. 15 2003]

Fluorescent stickers with the text "buh te miluje" (god loves you) were attached to the railing of Nuselsky bridge in Prague every approx. 10 metres. Photos of the installation were taken.


Nuselsky bridge in Prague spans above Nuselske valley and connects the Pankrac area with Karlov. It is a crucial traffic hub for motor-vehicle traffic and for the metro. Suicides also took a liking in this bridge.

The construction of the 485 metres long and 26 metres wide bridge started in 1965 after a project by architects Vojtech Michalek, Stanislav Hubicka and Svatopluk Kobr.

Nuselsky bridge is notorious as a suicide-bridge. Since the opening of the bridge more than 200 people committed suicide by jumping from this bridge (according to unofficial statistics even 300 people).

2,7-metre-high security barriers which were installed on the bridge in 1997 significantly reduced the number of suicides but even they couldn't stop them. Emergency teams still have to assist here several times in a year.